Flutter Application Development

Flutter Application Development

Vendor: AIUB Institute of Continuing Education

Flutter is free, open-source and cross-platform technology created by Google. The mobile UI framework  Flutter has become one of the most popular cross-platform toolkits. Being  the customization framework, Flutter has gained its popularity due to the trend of mobile application.  The demand of skillful people with proper Flutter knowledge is now more than ever. The Flutter Application Development course will provide students the basic to intermediary knowledge over flutter along with giving the opportunity to practice the building of some meaningful hands-on projects.

The Flutter Application Development course is  designed  for  all  students  interested  in  developing  career  in  mobile  application  as  well as beginner to intermediary developers. It is specially for those who want to become skilled in building android and iOS apps with single codebase.

The flutter certificate will be validating your skills on this framework. The students will be  practicing on building something meaningful that will help in better understanding of the Flutter. Students will learn Dart programming language. Object-oriented programming in Dart, Widget  Fundamentals along with Visual, Behavioral, and Motion-Rich Widgets. The added labs at the end of each lesson will be an added advantage to their learning journey.

With the rising popularity of mobile application, the Flutter course will help students to build their skill on native mobile application with only one code which will be a huge step towards entry-level knowledge. The course is structured to provide easy understanding content as well as project-based lab to help students apply their learnings.

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