Network Security (Online Batch)

Today’s organizations are challenged with responding rapidly to emerging network security threats. Security personnel configure and monitor various network security threat mitigation measures, such as device hardening, intrusion prevention systems, and firewalls, to protect data assets and network systems from attack. The purpose of this course is to provide skills and knowledge in the field of network security.

Course Description

The course has many features to help students understand these concepts:

  • The course is comprised of twenty-two (22) modules. Each module is comprised of topics.
  • Modules emphasize critical thinking, problem solving, collaboration, and the practical application of skills.
  • Many modules contain some way to practice and assess understanding, such as a lab or a Packet Tracer activity. These module-level activities provide feedback and are designed to indicate the learner’s mastery of the skills needed for the course. Learners can ensure their level of understanding well before taking a graded quiz or exam.
  • Some topics may contain a Check Your Understanding interactive quiz. These topic-level assessments are designed to tell learners if they have a good grasp of the topic content, or if they need to review before continuing. Learners can ensure their level of understanding well before taking a graded quiz or exam. Check Your Understanding quizzes do not affect the learner’s overall grade.
  • Rich multimedia content, including activities, videos, and quizzes, addresses a variety of learning styles, helps stimulate learning, and increases knowledge retention.
  • Hands-on labs help students develop critical thinking and complex problem-solving skills.
  • Innovative assessments provide immediate feedback to support the evaluation of knowledge and acquired skills.
  • Technical concepts are explained using language that works well for learners at all levels and embedded interactive activities break up reading of the content and help reinforce understanding.
  • The curriculum encourages students to consider additional IT education, but also emphasizes applied skills and hands-on experience.
  • Cisco Packet Tracer activities are designed for use with Packet Tracer v8.0 or later.

Target Audience

The Network Security course is designed for Cisco Networking Academy® students who are seeking career- oriented, entry-level network security skills. Target students include individuals enrolled in technology degree programs at institutions of higher education and IT professionals who want to pursue a career in the network security field. Learners in this course are exposed to the foundational knowledge required to respond to network security threats through various threat mitigation measures.


While there are no set prerequisites for the Network Security course, it is RECOMMENDED that students have the following skills and knowledge:

  • PC and internet navigation skills
  • Familiarity with Cisco Packet Tracer
  • Basic understanding of computer networks (CCNA ITN and SRWE level)

Course Outline:

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Certificate & Digital Badge:

Upon successfully completing the course, each student will receive a Certificates issued by CISCO in association with AIUB-Institute of Continuing Education as well as a Digital Badge from CISCO.



৳ 10,000.00৳ 12,000.00