Interior Design and Decoration

A career in interior design demands creativity and technical skills to transform stale, impractical spaces into lively, functional settings for various purposes. Pursuing a profession in this field requires sufficient knowledge of perspective, measuring and calculating formulas, and understanding how visual elements can influence a person.

Course description includes the following:

  • Introduction to Interior Design
  • Interior design vs. Interior decorating
  • Conception And Visualization
  • Theory And Psychology Of Color
  • Colors and application
  • Present Available Tools And Materials Of Interior Design And Decoration
  • Landscaping
  • Lights And Shades
  • Architectural Computer Aided Design
  • Software Support In Design
  • Historical Furnishings Construction Documents all over the world
  • Furniture design
  • Floral Arrangement
  • Material Technique And Application
  • Perspective and Interpretive Drawing Three-Dimensional Design
  • Space Planning And Measurement
  • Business Principles
  • Portfolio and Presentation
  • Internship


৳ 15,000.00