Dynamic Web Development using PHP/MySQL

This course introduces students with most of the relevant programming languages and techniques of professional web development and web engineering, e. g. Scripting and markup languages HTML, XHTML, XML, PHP, Java scripts, SQL data manipulation via web.


Today’s websites are increasingly dynamic. Pages are no longer static HTML files but instead generated by scripts and database calls. User interfaces are more seamless, with technologies like Ajax replacing traditional page reloads. This course teaches students how to build dynamic websites with Ajax and with Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP (LAMP), one of today’s most popular frameworks. Students learn how to structure pages with XHTML and CSS, how to program in JavaScript and PHP, how to configure Apache and MySQL, how to design and query databases with
SQL, how to use Ajax with both XML and JSON, and how to build mashups. The course explores issues of security, scalability, and cross/browser support and also discusses enterprise/level deployments of websites, including third/party hosting, virtualization and load balancing.


৳ 12,000.00