DevNet Associate Batch 03 (Online)


The networking industry is undergoing a transformation to using a software-oriented approach with APIs and automation. This change is driven by the ever-increasing complexity and size of networks due to new connections such as the IoT, as well as a need to deliver more agile networking services. This change requires a new software-oriented skillset that complements existing networking skills. The DevNet Associate course teaches students the best practices of modern software development practices and DevOps, to understand and learn how to securely use APIs, and how to automate network operations using those APIs.

In the DEVASC course curriculum, Cisco Networking Academy™ participants develop workforce readiness skills and build a foundation for success in automation-related careers and degree programs. With the support of video and rich media, participants learn, apply, and practice programming and infrastructure automation knowledge and skills through a series of in-depth hands-on experiences that reinforce their learning. Upon completion of the DEVASC course, learners will be prepared to take the Cisco DEVASC certification exam.

DEVASC includes the following features:

  • The course is comprised of eight modules. Each module is comprised of topics.
  • Modules emphasize critical thinking, problem solving, collaboration, and the practical application of skills.
  • Each module contains some way to practice and assess understanding, such as a lab or a Packet Tracer activity. These module-level activities provide feedback and are designed to indicate learner’s mastery of the skills needed for the course. Learners can ensure their level of understanding well before taking a graded quiz or exam.
  • Students learn the basics of software development, APIs, fundamentals of networking, application deployment, infrastructure and automation, as well as Cisco platforms.
  • The language used to describe these concepts is designed to be easily understood by learners at the college level.
  • Assessments and practice activities are focused on specific competencies to increase retention and provide flexibility in the learning path.
  • Multimedia learning tools, including videos, and quizzes, address a variety of learning styles and help stimulate learning and promote increased knowledge retention.
  • Labs and Cisco® Packet Tracer simulation-based learning activities help students develop critical thinking and complex problem-solving skills.
  • Cisco Packet Tracer activities are designed for use with a newer version of Packet Tracer designed specifically for this course, Packet Tracer for Network Automation (PTNA). PTNA is included in the virtual machines created for this course.

Course Objectives

The DEVASC course is designed for people who want to learn the knowledge and skills they need to work in network programming and automation. These course materials will assist you in developing the skills necessary to do the following:

  • Use basic Python programming and Linux skills
  • Implement a development environment using DevNet resources
  • Use software development and design best practices
  • Create REST API requests over HTTPS to securely integrate services
  • Explain the processes and devices that support network connectivity

Course Outline:

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Special Benefit:

Upon successfully completing the course, each student will be reward a one time DISCOUNT VOUCHER of 58% on the Vendor Exam Fee.

[Vendor Exam Fee: $300, Discounted Vendor Exam Fee: $126 (approximate)]

Certificate & Badge:

Each Student will be awarded a Certificate as well as a Digital Badge issued by CISCO in association with AIUB-Institute of Continuing Education for completing the course successfully.


৳ 10,000.00৳ 12,000.00